VENDIA has drawn attention on the international markets once again. Wooden Boat magazine published a very interesting article about VENDIA marine plank in November/December 2014 issue. The article was written by Richard Jagels, an expert in a field of woodworking industry and emeritus professor of forest biology at the University of Maine.

According to Jagels, VENDIA marine plank resembles exterior-grade plywood but differs in features and appearance from normal plywood. Normal exterior-grade plywood is made of a rotary cut veneers whereas VENDIA marine plank is made of sliced veneers. Jagels shows his expertise by highlighting the weaknesses of rotary cut veneer. One of the problems is that it is kind of broken wood which means that the surface of the veneer includes small checks. After drying and flattening into plywood panels these checks will open and expose the plywood panel to decay fungi. As a result the paint or varnish can be damaged over time.

Since VENDIA marine plank is made of sliced veneer the structure of the wood remains solid and check-free giving VENDIA the outlook of sawn wood. Knot-free veneers are always selected as face veneers which also makes VENDIA marine plank very durable. Regular structure of VENDIA marine plank makes bending of the plank a lot easier compared to traditional sawn wood plank.

Jagels brings out also the MUF-glue used in VENDIA marine plank. MUF-glue has extremely good tolerance of humidity and weather condition changes. The glue provides also esthetically beautiful outcome. MUF-glue is transparent and makes the joints unnoticeable. Traditionally used dark-coloured phenol formaldehydeglue makes the joints very dark. VENDIA has passed glue boiling tests and complies with the technical requirements of British standard BS 1088 used in marine planks.

Jagels has presented the technical features of VENDIA marine plank very extensively and with great expertise. It has been our pleasure to read an article like this here in VENDIA. Full text article can be found by clicking here >>.