Helsinki International Boat Show 2019 is on!

Helsinki International Boat Show 2019 is ongoing during this week in Helsinki. Boat show offers variety of interesting things to see if you are interested in sailing, boats, fishing or watersports. Association of Finnish Wooden boat builders has also their exhibition full of beautiful handicrafts in the form of wooden boats. One of the exhibitors is Saimaan Puuvene from Rantasalmi.

Greetings from the US

We have got nice greetings from the US. The first VENDIA planks ever were shipped to the USA on September, 2018. 

Steve from Blue Hill, Maine has taken a big challenge and is building Sjogin IIIa, a seaworthy daysailer. The first VENDIA planks are now on and Steve has been very pleased with VENDIA and the quality of it. Planks plane like real wood, bend fine and smell good too, Steve says.

Beautiful VENDIA boat on Lake Geneva

We have got greetings from Scottish boat builder Adrian Morgan who was fascinated by VENDIA marine plank already few years ago. Now he has built a 17ft Arctic Tern for a Swiss family to Lake Geneva. The boat is designed by Iain Oughtred. “The Swiss have very strict rules before allowing boats to Lake Geneva so it requires also a lot from the material”, says Adrian.

Even royalty rides on boats made of VENDIA

Teno Boat from Utsjoki, Northern Finland makes traditional boats to Lapland rivers to be used for salmon fishing and river safaris. The boat is known for its’ long and narrow shape which is ideal for flowing Lapland rivers. The boats are mainly sold to northern rivers around Scandinavia, such as Teno, Tornio, Kemi, Kalix, Alta and Namsen rivers.

”Working with wood is a good way of switching off”

Former lawyer, Ewan from Scotland found that running his own law firm for about forty years was quite stressful way of life and working with wood was a good way of switching off. Ewan had built his first boat in 1986 and now he is building his eighth boat, Kotik. Kotik is a boat model designed by Iain Oughtred and a stretched version of his Wee Seal. It’s a small double-ended cruising yacht with a gaff rig. “I will also install a stove to keep warm in harbour”, says Ewan. He has built different boats in every few years but the favourite is always the one you are building just now.

Mahogany smelling package to Pargas

Michael, studying boatbuilding at Livia Vocational school has started a boatbuilding project in which he will use mahogany VENDIA as a material. In Decemeber a package of mahogany VENDIA marine plank left from our factory to Pargas, Finland. We really look forward to see what kind of boat will be created from the planks. You can follow Michael’s project from his blog:

Doing by own hands is great mindfulness

Would you like to build a wooden boat for yourself and at the same time enjoy the great feeling of doing something by your own hands? Plenty of studies show that doing something sensible by own hands calms and brings good mood and satisfaction. So what could be better way to spend the free evenings than building a beautiful wooden boat for yourself for the next summer?