Vendia is now also offering high quality electric engines for boats

Sustainability is an important value for us. This is why we want to offer boat-owners and manufacturers a possibility to change to electric propulsion. "Kräutler Electric Motors" from Austria produces high quality electric boat engines since almost 40 years and has gained trust from private and commercial customers worldwide. With a range from 0,8 kW up to 120 kW we offer solutions for both sailing- and motor vessels. Together with our partnering companies, we will find a full package solution, including batteries and charging systems for your boat.

Helsinki International Boat Show 2019 is on!

Helsinki International Boat Show 2019 is ongoing during this week in Helsinki. Boat show offers variety of interesting things to see if you are interested in sailing, boats, fishing or watersports. Association of Finnish Wooden boat builders has also their exhibition full of beautiful handicrafts in the form of wooden boats. One of the exhibitors is Saimaan Puuvene from Rantasalmi.

Greetings from the US

We have got nice greetings from the US. The first VENDIA planks ever were shipped to the USA on September, 2018. 

Steve from Blue Hill, Maine has taken a big challenge and is building Sjogin IIIa, a seaworthy daysailer. The first VENDIA planks are now on and Steve has been very pleased with VENDIA and the quality of it. Planks plane like real wood, bend fine and smell good too, Steve says.

Beautiful VENDIA boat on Lake Geneva

We have got greetings from Scottish boat builder Adrian Morgan who was fascinated by VENDIA marine plank already few years ago. Now he has built a 17ft Arctic Tern for a Swiss family to Lake Geneva. The boat is designed by Iain Oughtred. “The Swiss have very strict rules before allowing boats to Lake Geneva so it requires also a lot from the material”, says Adrian.

Joensuu Agricultural exhibition 2015

Joensuu Agricultural exhibition offered its' guests lot to see. Sunny days attracted lots of people to the  fair area and total 73 000 people visited at Joensuu Agricultural exhibition. We were also there presenting VENDIA marine plank and other VENDIA products. We had also our new product on view at the fair: VENDIA with a mahogany face veneer. In addition there were one wooden boat made of VENDIA marine plank. The boat was made by Boatyard Ruotsalainen from Nurmes.

Helsinki International Boat Show continues

There has been lots of visitors at Helsinki International Boat Show and the fair continues until Sunday 15th February. VENDIA has attracted wide publicity and admiration at the boat fair. Hopefully many wooden boats made of VENDIA marine plank will be seen on the waters on the next summer.

Welcome to visit at the VENDIA’s presentation stand!

VENDIA in British Water Craft magazine

VENDIA has drawn attention also on the international markets. Recently a British Water Craft magazine published an article about VENDIA marine plank. Chairman of the Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Association, Nick Newland contacted us to make this article about the new interesting product for wooden boatbuilding. In this article Nick compares the differences between VENDIA marine plank and traditional rotary cut plywood and also tells his own opinions about this new marine plank.

Experiences of the boatbuilder

Boatyard Ruotsalainen from Nurmes has built wooden boats of VENDIA marine plank among the first boatbuilders in Finland. Ruotsalainen has built wooden boats over 30 years, so he was very interested in this new type of marine plank and he also saw it as a welcome novelty in addition to traditional plywood. Now Ruotsalainen has built two boats of VENDIA marine plank and his experiences have been great. Also his customers have liked the end result and especially they have been taken to the appearance of the marine plank.