Vendia Woods Oy is based in Luopioinen, Pälkäne, in the south of Finland, in the middle of old mixed forests, from which the raw material for Vendia products is obtained. The production of Vendia was relocated from Rautalampi to the new production facility in autumn of 2021. The Investors of Vendia are local forest owners and entrepreneurs, as well as other Finnish and German “early-investors”. The production and daily business managed by professional boatbuilders.

The company was founded as a result of a project by the “Osuuskunta Kukkian Kasvattamo” cooperative, a local innovation hub with the aim of strengthening the local infrastructure and attracting new companies to the region. The new Vendia continues with the production of the high quality boat planks and more boatbuilding materials that customers around the World are acustomed too. We aim to expand the product range in the medium-term. The team of professional boatbuilders can guarantee the highest quality and careful production processes. We aim at producing sustainable products suitable for boatbuilding and interiors. We are happy to react on customer demands offering procedure optimizig solutions.

Do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions regarding our products!