Joensuu Agricultural exhibition offered its' guests lot to see. Sunny days attracted lots of people to the  fair area and total 73 000 people visited at Joensuu Agricultural exhibition. We were also there presenting VENDIA marine plank and other VENDIA products. We had also our new product on view at the fair: VENDIA with a mahogany face veneer. In addition there were one wooden boat made of VENDIA marine plank. The boat was made by Boatyard Ruotsalainen from Nurmes.
The wooden boat and VENDIA marine plank attracted admiration and more than a one commented: "Wooden boat is always a wooden boat". It was nice to note that traditional craftsmanship is still valued.
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Image removed.VENDIA is now available also with a mahogany face veneer. Also other face veneer options are possible, for example the oak option in the picture.Image removed.