Would you like to build a wooden boat for yourself and at the same time enjoy the great feeling of doing something by your own hands? Plenty of studies show that doing something sensible by own hands calms and brings good mood and satisfaction. So what could be better way to spend the free evenings than building a beautiful wooden boat for yourself for the next summer?

Last year, in co-operation with VENDIA Woods, Savo Vocational School and boat designer Jarmo Häkkinen, was designed a boat model Niko especially for the first-timers and the use of boatbuilding courses. Niko rowing boat is easy and quick to build even if you haven’t build a boat before. For more information about the boat model and the drawings: venesuunnitteluatgmail [dot] com (venesuunnittelu[at]gmail[dot]com)

VENDIA marine plank is an ideal material for the boatbuilders who are building their first boat. The marine plank is easy to bend and work with and you don’t have to worry about cracking. VENDIA marine plank is also beautiful, durable and knot-free material for wooden boatbuilding.

For more information about VENDIA marine plank can be found in our website: www.vendia.fi